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Last month, The Go-go pioneers of Total Control Band (TCB) held a month-long Go-go festival in Washington D.C. to celebrate the beauty of Go-go music and the life and legacy of Reggie “Polo” Burwell. Polo was the founder and spokesperson for TCB since its founding, until Polo passed away...
Our DC artist of the week is Reggie Black. Reggie Black is a DC Area artist whose work combines mediums of graphic design, typography, and abstract painting. Reggie Black believes in the importance of human connection. His works center on exploring themes such as supporting mental health, expressing vulnerability...
There’s an exodus of women leaving the workforce right now -- and we’ve got more about that in “The Moment” below, but in Detroit, entrepreneurs and community leaders have formed Black Leaders Detroit and raised more than $325,000 for Black-led businesses. It’s cooperative economics at work and you oughta know...
The New Drama film, For the Love of Money,  starring Keri Hilson, Katt Williams, Rotimi, D.C Young Fly, LisaRaye McCoy, Jason Mitchell, Keith Sweat and more - was filled with twists and turns. The ending will probably leave you speechless, like it did us. The movie follows Keri Hilson’s character...
Reunited, and it feels so good? Season 5 episode 1 of Insecure kicked off Sunday and it was a whole vibe. Issa and the crew returned to Stanford for their ten-year reunion. Before they could start celebrating, unresolved issues made things awkward. Black Twitter was here for all of the drama....
Yesterday, the United States lost a long-time civil servant and a man that has stood for decades as a voice for the more moderate facets of the Black community.  Colin Powell, the first ever African American to ever be appointed to the office of National Security Advisor, Joint Chief of...

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