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Dismantling Double Standards: Why We Need to Talk About Black Women and Sex
The Intersection of Race and Sexuality: How Society Shapes Our Views of Black Women in the Bedroom
Despite limited access to equal opportunity, Black women have always gone above and beyond to establish themselves as pioneers across industries. From running for office to running businesses, Black women have consistently exemplified excellence in leadership roles throughout history. As of 2021, Black women are the fastest-growing demographic of...
GIRLAAA is an agency, a collective, and a support group from the DMV area that gives women of color a space to pursue their artistic goals. GIRLAAA spotlights artists to raise buzz for Black-women artists. They host workshops and events to promote culture and creativity in the District, and they...
Opinion Piece By Rev. Rhonda Thomas President Biden made headlines when he announced at the end of January 2022 that he would nominate a Black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court. Retiring Justice Stephen Breyer created the vacancy. After the announcement, there was understandable praise among persons favoring diversification on the...

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