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Multidisciplinary, multimedia artist Shantell Martin recently debuted a site-specific installation with Subliminal Projects based on a 27-point manifesto by Martin that explores the future of the art industry.  Martin’s manifesto is “a hope, a wish, and an encouragement for everyone to look deeper into how we support artists, how we...
D.C. musician, Odd Mojo is known for her 1970s meets Afro-futuristic style and eclectic sounds. Odd Mojo is popular across genres, from rap to punk, in performing spaces in D.C, Maryland and Virginia. In addition to creating music, Odd Mojo is a unique and vibrant stylist who styles herself...
Why It’s Still So Important For The Future of Our Youth As young people transition back to school at such a time as the existing global pandemic, there is bountiful room for more discussions on the state of our children, their futures, and how we must craft further avenues for...

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