Aubrey Jai Collection recently released a line of pyramid-shaped, vegan leather handbags that were also inspired by Aubrey’s love for triangles.

The collection is from a unique and family-centered fashion brand based around the principles of community and building lasting legacies. It was created by Atlanta designer Jonathan Sams in celebration of the life of his three-year-old daughter, Aubrey Jai Sams.

Aubrey is currently learning about different shapes in school, and Jonathan keeps a set of block shapes for her to build and learn about at home as well. Aubrey loves to use different triangle blocks to build small and large pyramids. In honor of his daughter’s favorite shape, Jonathan created the Pyramid Aubrey Jai Collection handbags in a variety of deep-toned colors. The Pyramid Aubrey Jai Collection handbags are some of Jonathan’s first designs, but he plans to continue creating bold and eye-catching pieces that mimic the enthusiasm and spirit of Aubrey. 

As Aubrey was growing up, Jonathan noticed that she had a passion for clothes and style. He launched the Aubrey Jai Collection as a space for him and his daughter to share, and as a company which he one day hopes to pass down to her. 

“I want to build an empire for my daughter. She is so much into style, so I wanted to design something that was inspired by her and her name that could live on forever. I want to open the door for her to take on the business when she’s older,” said Jonathan. 

Aubrey Jai modeling for the Pyramid Aubrey Jai Collection

He explained, “My daughter is very outspoken, and she’s always the center of attention. If music comes on, everything stops because she’s about to start dancing. I wanted to create a bag that was different and that stands out like she does.” 

One of his favorite memories from building the Aubrey Jai Collection came from the first photoshoot he did with Aubrey. Watching her confidence and joy grow in front of the camera is a memory he says he will never forget. 

Jonathan said, “Our first photoshoot was probably my favorite memory since starting the collection. Just being able to see my daughter interact during the photoshoot was amazing. She was so excited, and I will always cherish that moment. I am looking to build not just a brand, but a culture. An empire for me and her.”

Aubrey Jai modeling for the Pyramid Aubrey Jai Collection

Three Tips Every New Fashion Designer Should Know from Jonathan Sams

1. Don’t be afraid to be different 

Being a Black male designing a purse is different. It’s kind of hard to start that. A lot of people look at TV and entertainment and wonder how they do this or do that, but I will look at regular people and realize that they have to start somewhere, so that is what I’m trying to do.

2. Believe in your dreams

If you have a goal or dream in mind, don’t give up on it. We strive to go hard and to put everything we have into our business.

3. Tell your story

Have a strong storyline and meaning behind your brand. Consider why your brand is different from others, and why it should be pushed into the world.

You can shop the Aubrey Jai Collection by visiting their website.

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