GIRLAAA is an agency, a collective, and a support group from the DMV area that gives women of color a space to pursue their artistic goals.

GIRLAAA spotlights artists to raise buzz for Black-women artists. They host workshops and events to promote culture and creativity in the District, and they create spaces where women can gather to discuss important issues affecting themselves and affecting the greater Black community.

GIRLAAA’s founder, DJ Domo, mixes music for her audience.

Founder of GIRLAAA DJ Domo considers herself as a multidisciplinary creative focusing on the impact of Black culture on music, creativity and the arts in general. She was raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland and most of her DJ work is influenced by her upbringing in the DMV area.

A few years ago, DJ Domo quit her unfulfilling government job to pursue her creative passions full-time. Since quitting her day job, she has rocked in the art world. She even curated music as a Spotify Music Editor, focused on Black Music and Culture. She collaborated on Cultural Programming with the Hirshhorn Art Museum.

Impressively, she got the opportunity to DJ for former President Barack Obama alongside Mannie Fresh and D-Nice. She has toured across the country with Lil Skies, Wiz Khalifa and BET. 


DJ Domo works alongside a team of diverse and creative women at GIRLAAA to deploy innovative social experiences that intersect music and art.

GIRLAAA began as an event series following three sold-out “GIRLAAA: A Party Powered by Women” shows. GIRLAAA has pivoted from producing a single series to a sought-after, women-centric, creative, consultancy, and production agency in Washington, D.C.

In 2020, GIRLAAA was tapped by the Kennedy Center to kick off their “Go-Go Friday” featuring a panel discussion about the history and importance of Go-Go music, and the Black musicians who created it.

The agency has hosted “Open Table” for Black women and non-binary DJs to broadcast their work on GIRLAAA’s Instagram Live. The collective creates playlists featuring music from Black folk, especially those who are shaping the DMV scene.

It hosts a weekly podcast, “1-800-GIRLAAA,” every Wednesday, and an event series of the same name. The podcast focuses on the issues women face, uplifting young trailblazers, and highlighting art and culture in the D.C. and metro area.

They have also recently released the album “The New DMV,” featuring music by Brent Faiyaz, Deetranada, and Black Fortune on Apple Music.

You can learn more about GIRLAAA on their website. And, stay up to date with DJ Domo and her work by checking out this web page

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