Our D.C. Artist of the Week, Natalie Courtney, recently disrupted Washington’s art scene with her own showcase, “Negritude,” that puts the on spotlight artists she admires. Natalie says the showcase was modeled after “Black Broadway,” a show highlighting the success of Black theater artists on and off Broadway.

This skilled illustrator, painter, creative director and digital photographer launched “Negritude” at Dupont Underground, and it ran from March 18–20, and March 25–27. It included performances by artists Precious Jewel and Jazmyn Ja’Net; and featured installations by artists Ellie Lindsey, Kendall Robinson, Jalen Garner, and Chris White.

“My friend Jaylin, who is also on the team, came up with the name. We were searching for others after realizing that Black Broadway is something that cannot be reused. ‘Negritude’ means ‘the affirmation or consciousness of the value of Black or African culture, heritage, and identity,’ and the art that was made on Black Broadway and the art that is shown in this show shows this perfectly,” Natalie said as she explained the meaning behind naming her first curated showcase.

While “Negritude” is no longer on display at Dupont Underground, Natalie and her team are working on bringing the exhibition to the halls of Howard University. They plan to display the exhibition in the Howard University Fine Arts building to allow more students to enjoy the installations. You can learn more about Natalie Courtney by checking out her website. You can stay up to date on Negritude on Instagram.

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