Our D.C. Artist of the Week is Miles Ave! Miles Ave is known for his music and rap. He was born in Northeast D.C., and he has been writing and making music since he was eight years old. Apart from music, he’s also well-versed in visual art, film development, video production, and sound design. 

Miles Ave prides himself on being a self-sufficient artist who can take his own ideas and create something magnificent. He is drawn to various media because, for him, each new form of art he learns allows him to express himself more completely. 

“I’ve been trying to mess with a lot of mediums for a while now. I was doing graphic design in late middle school, and I have always been into doing new things out of necessity — whether because I need cover art or need to know about fashion because I wanted to start a clothing line,” he says.

Miles Ave’s sounds range from trap to soul to alternative. He says that his goal is to consistently adapt and create unique sounds that may not always fall under mainstream genres. In fact, he hopes that his work will inspire other Black artists to embrace the individual intricacies of their versatile styles and personalities to explore more alternative sounds. Miles Ave believes that creativity should have no limitations.

“I want to be able to display alternativeness. I want to keep making more abstract work so that people can know they can do anything. I don’t think I’m the only artist doing that right now. We see it a lot during this new renaissance. You see so many different Black people making different types of music, and that’s one of my favorite things,” he says.


This immersive artist recently moved from the District to New York to gain more experiences and share his work with a wider audience. Since his move, he has enjoyed having more time to freely work on his music and let inspiration find him.

“New York has given me that time to create at a high volume again like when I was in high school in the summers and could be in my room all day and make music and rap,” he explains.

“I don’t have to worry about every song being good. When you have less time on your hands, you get concerned about perfecting because you need to capitalize on time. Now that I have more time on my hands, I can make three songs in a day, or six songs in a week and I can only like one of them and be happy with that.”

Cover art for Miles Ave’s latest project “(In Moments of) Transitional Doubt.

Miles Ave recently released his fourth lyrical project, “(In Moments of) Transitional Doubt,” he created at the beginning of this year while he was living in a furniture-less apartment in New York. He had been working through a creative block for the past few months, during which he wasn’t able to write any music. Once he got to New York, the words began to flow out of him. You can listen to “(In Moments of) Transitional Doubt” on all streaming platforms.   

To other aspiring Black artists, Miles Ave advises, “Find a way to do it. With Black people, the point of access to all of this can feel impossible. By any means, find a way to do it. If you want to make T-shirts and you can’t find an illustrator, you can learn to draw. If you want to make music, you can write until you learn beats. Find the simplest point of entry until you are able to expand from there. The sooner you try, the sooner you realize if you really like it or not.”

You can learn more about Miles Ave by checking out his website. 

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