Our D.C. Artist of the Week is Mavi! Mavi is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, but he dropped one of the most legendary musical projects of 2019, “Let The Sun Talk,” while attending Howard University, which solidified him as one of the best rappers in the District at only 21 years old. “Let The Sun Talk” was loved by District residents and some of the DMV region’s best local artists. Mavi has performed at several iconic venues in D.C., like SongByrd, where he sold-out during “Mavi and Friends” in January 2020. He has performed alongside D.C. stars like Ankhle John, Baby Kahlo and Odd Mojo. 

Mavi briefly left the District to pursue his music career and to earn more money to help himself and his family thrive through the pandemic. Mavi traveled around the U.S., from New York, to Los Angeles, to Houston, making connections in each city he ventured into. He released a surprise extended play, “End Of The Earth,” and he excelled while on tour with Jack Harlow and Babyface Ray during the 2021 Creme De La Creme Tour. 

However, Mavi never forgot his admiration for D.C. while on his adventures. Mavi has always loved studying chemistry and English, which both inform the structure and scope of his lyrics. Mavi recently announced that he will be returning to Howard University to finish his degree in Biology. 

With a recent album teaser fresh in fans minds, the District is itching to have Mavi back, and so are we. He plans to begin performing and reconnecting with the city as possible. He told BLAC, “I’m really excited. I got a lot of creative inspiration from being in D.C. and I’m glad to be here again.” 

Welcome back, Mavi!


You can catch Mavi on all streaming platforms. 

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