Jada Imani is our D.C. Artist of the Week. Jada Imani M is a filmmaker, photographer and creative director from the DMV. In 2015, Jada Imani studied Digital Filmmaking and Video Production at The Art Institute of Washington where she developed a lifelong passion for the arts. Jada Imani has worked in the DMV as a full-time creative for the past six years. Through her work, Jada Imani strives to not only share with viewers how she sees the world, but also to share how she wishes the world could be. One of her goals as an artist is to create vibrant photographs that portray positive and complex visuals of Black people in important spaces around the U.S. Jada Imani enjoys creating photographs where Black people can be seen in movement, and interacting with their peers and environments. 

Jada Imani has been often featured in exhibitions around the DMV. On December 4, 2021, Jada Imani hosted her first book signing for her collection of printed photographs, entitled Death To Assimilation, at the Gift Shop in D.C. The collection features some of Jada Imani’s favorite DMV artists who she has photographed over the last three years, and it includes lots of unreleased pieces. The event was largely attended by DMV creatives of all disciplines, making the night a memorable and celebratory occasion for the art community. You can view more of Jada Imani M’s work by visiting her website jadaimanim.com.

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