Our Dc Artist of the Week is Desmond J Handon. Handon is a custom jewelry maker and fashion designer based in Washington, D.C. In 2010, Handon founded EthniCITY, an urban-couture custom garments brand that seeks to push the boundaries of what is considered “high-fashion” in the industry. Handon started EthniCITY as a men’s jewelry line, through which he created signature necklaces, pendants, and bracelets made of brads, ornaments, and precious stones from Morocco, China, Ghana, and India to represent many different cultures and ethnicities.

In October 2010, EthniCITY debuted its men’s jewelry line to rave reviews at Righteous One’s “Aviation” runway event. Soon thereafter, EthniCITY began to produce evening and street menswear collections. The success of the male fashion line naturally inspired the launch of the female collection in May 2011. In addition to designing for EthniCITY, Handon is also a celebrity stylist, and he served as a BET red carpet correspondent for VH1’s Fashion Rocks. Since EthniCITY’s founding, the company has designed over 1,000 cutting edge looks for men and women, produced over 250 runway, competition, and themed fashion shows, and provided private image/branding consultations for over 500 clients. You can shop EthniCITY by visiting their website www.ethnicitybrand.com

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