Our D.C. Artist of the Week is a self-taught visual artist and a trained dancer and singer from District. Her work is a reminder of the power of imagination, and of the fulfillment that can be found in following one’s creative passions. 

Brianna Pippens, creatively known as Banana Peppers, is loved for her vibrant and detailed illustrations, paintings, drawings, animations and cut-out works. Brianna Pippens focuses on themes of race, and nostalgia. She explores the nuances and complexities of womanhood, Black identity, and the Black experience.

Since she began publicly showcasing her work in 2010, her work has been featured in several pop-up shops around the DMV area. Notably, she has been a featured muralist in the women-centered exhibition, “Femme Fatale,” for the past three years. She has also completed imaginative pieces for companies like Disney+, Google, Instagram and Planned Parenthood.

Some of her designs have even been turned into creative and colorful clothing pieces — which you can grab at her apparel store. You can also see more of Brianna Pippens’ work and her collections on her website.

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