Our D.C. Artist of the Week is Afrovelvet! Afrovelvet is a D.C.-raised multi-talented artist who specializes in singing, styling, set design, and fashion design. She is beloved by her supporters for her ability to create impressive visual and musical works that span across genres — from punk, to pop, to horror, and more. She is known for her use of vibrant colors, distorted sounds and intricate set designs.

Afrovelvet uses music largely to express her ideas of progress for the District and Black community. Her songs often deal with complex issues like gentrification, classism, and consent. She has performed alongside other DMV-area favorites like Odd Mojo, Baby Khalo and Dreamcastmoe. She often leads as the creative director for her music videos, and you can see her set designs featured in most of her work.

As a stylist and fashion designer, Afrovelvet loves collaborating with other creatives in the DMV area. She creates looks unique to each artist, displaying a new side of their personality. She does this through Clothed Captions, a curated collection of clothing and accessories modeled by emerging artists. With Clothed Captions, Afrovelvet styles, photographs and interviews up-and-coming creatives to share as a virtual, futuristic look-book on Instagram. The powerful brand highlights the inspiring stories of Black creatives while connecting artists with one another through video and photoshoots. 

You can stay up to date on Afrovelvet’s work by following her on Instagram. Her latest song, “eLeCtriC fL0w,” is available on YouTube. 

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