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Reunited, and it feels so good?

Season 5 episode 1 of Insecure kicked off Sunday and it was a whole vibe. Issa and the crew returned to Stanford for their ten-year reunion. Before they could start celebrating, unresolved issues made things awkward.

Black Twitter was here for all of the drama. We have your highlights that got people talking.

Issa completely bombs

Even after starting her own business, Issa is still unclear about her path in life. So, when it came time for her to speak about her success on a panel, she bombs by being too honest. The pressure of feeling like you need to have everything figured out as an adult was such a relatable moment that had people in their feelings.


No matter what, her friends still had her back.

And speaking of friends…

Are they still friends?

Remember that awkwardness I was telling you about? It was in full swing when Issa and Molly were together. We saw Molly’s vulnerability when she asked where they stood in the friendship. Issa deflected.

Issa and Molly getting robbed turned out to be an icebreaker and allowed themselves to finally open up with each other. Too bad they got jacked by Cheyenne

R.I.P Kelli

This episode had some great comedic moments, but stayed true to its name. Kelli’s character comes into question after she finds herself a part of the “In Memoriam” ceremony. Despite this turn of events, it was what people had to say about her that brought out her insecurities. Kelli expressed she’s tired of being seen as a joke.

Issa and Lawrence: Will they, won’t they?

With the reveal of Lawrence’s baby, the question on everybody’s mind was – can they work it out? In the first episode of the final season, we were hoping for some much needed clarity. By the end of the episode, Issa decided NOT to go forward with it. This left fans split!

…And others pointed out that she was just using him for a ride.

And, as always, Black Twitter has to check someone’s fit.

There’s no wonder why Insecure is award-winning. The series continues to be an enriching, relatable experience. It highlights self-improvement while also explaining it’s okay if you don’t have everything figured out. 

This series stays true to itself and leaves you feeling as if you’re growing with the characters.

Issa Rae and her team undoubtedly put a lot of care and time into the development of the show’s story and characters.

Fans have expressed they’re saddened the show is ending, but are never disappointed. 

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