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People find love on dating apps all the time. However, what they don’t tell you is that meeting someone online isn’t always the best experience. Think about starting a conversation with a random stranger brought to you by an algorithm, misleading profile pictures, and eek, getting ghosted! To be honest, it’s a lot. 

While dating apps are useful if you want to spread a wider net, they’re not for everyone. So what does that mean? Are you doomed to a life devoid of romance if you don’t get on a dating app? Thankfully, no! If you have no intention of signing up on a dating app yet still want to find love, here are some fabulous tips for you!

Finding Love Outside of Dating Apps
Finding Love Outside of Dating Apps

Use Your Networks

Anyone with even a handful of friends or family can use these networks to find love. Make sure you tell everyone you know that you’re single and are looking for love. This is a great way of meeting people that have already been vetted by those close to you. Your family and friends know you well, and they can introduce you to someone that matches your expectations. Even so, remember to tell your friends and family about your ideal match and what you’re looking for in a partner to avoid a mismatch. 

Expand Your Social Circle

If you’ve got a really small social circle, it may be difficult to meet new people. Meeting potential matches can be as easy as asking your friends to bring their friends to some of your hangouts. You could also take up a new hobby or group lessons. This ensures that there’s always a steady flow of people for you to meet. The broader your social circle is, the higher your chances of making a connection will be.

Finding Love Outside of Dating Apps
Searching for love

Attend Singles Events in Your Area

If there are single mixers in your area, go for them. Comedy clubs and cocktail bars are sure to have plenty of singles looking to connect so those are excellent places to meet people too. What’s more, even if you do meet new people here and they’re not a romantic match, who knows, you might end up making a friend of two, who could potentially introduce you to their friends.

Put Yourself Out There

Don’t be shy, show other people that you’re single and searching- especially if they’re someone you’re interested in. How about a smile and some eye contact to let them know you see them and like what you see? If they like you, they will also smile back and send a signal for you to start a conversation. It doesn’t matter where you are- at the grocery store, the bank, or at the park- there are always opportunities to meet new people. You simply have to let them know that you’re approachable. 

If you actually think about it, there are many opportunities to meet new people in your day-to-day activities and interactions. All you need to do is keep an open mind and send the right signals that you’re open and interested.

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