Reproductive rights have always been up for debate in the United States. Even since the establishment of Roe v. Wade, access to abortion services and reproductive healthcare is often lacking in the Black community.

In an interview with PBS, Laurie Bertram Roberts, executive director of the Alabama-based Yellowhammer Fund, which provides financial support for abortions, said “Women of color in states with restrictive abortion laws often have limited access to health care and a lack of choices for effective birth control. Schools often have ineffective or inadequate sex education.”

Roberts added that if abortions are outlawed, those same women — often poor — will likely have the hardest time traveling to distant parts of the country to terminate pregnancies or raising children they might struggle to afford.

If Roe v. Wade does get overturned, Black women, and especially Black women from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, will be amongst those most hurt by this ruling. Thankfully, the Supreme Court has not yet overturned the Roe ruling, and, even if they do, the fight for abortion and other reproductive rights will never be over.  It is now a crucial moment to support those organizations which are fighting for reproductive rights.

Here are five organizations to support to continue the fight for the reproductive rights of Black folk: 

  1. SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective 

SisterSong was formed in 1997 as a national membership organization by 16 organizations of women of color to uplift the needs and interests of their communities. They offer reproductive justice training and leadership development. They also examine reproductive health access throughout the south. Their mission is “to build an effective network of individuals and organizations to improve institutional policies and systems that impact the reproductive lives of marginalized communities.”

  1. Black Women for Wellness 

Black Women for Wellness is a nonprofit based in California that hosts education, outreach, and engagement programs that support physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and financial well-being. The nonprofit’s goal is to improve the health and well-being of Black women and girls through health education, empowerment, and advocacy so that they can develop personal power and contribute growth in the community.

  1. Black Mamas Matter Alliance 

The Black Mamas Matter Alliance uses innovative research methods to advance care for Black moms, change policy, and shift the collective culture in support of better healthcare for Black mothers. Their mission is to “center Black mamas to advocate, drive research, build power, and shift culture for Black maternal health, rights, and justice.” Each April, they host the Black Maternal Health Week campaign as a discussion about Black maternal health in the U.S., and to encourage community-driven solutions. 

  1. New Voices For Reproductive Justice 

New Voices serves the Greater Pittsburgh Region, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. They work to bring health and well-being to the Black community. Their programs support leadership development, community organizing, and policy advocacy so that Black women can advocate for issues such as sexual and reproductive health, LGBTQ+ rights, and environmental justice. Their mission is to “build a social change movement dedicated to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through leadership development, Human Rights, and Reproductive Justice.” 

  1. The Afiya Center 

The AFIYA Center is based in Northern Texas. They were founded in response to the disproportionate prevalence of HIV among Black women and girls in Texas. Their work focuses on reproductive justice, abortion access, maternal mortality, and HIV programming. Their mission is to “serve Black women and girls by transforming their relationship with their sexual and reproductive health through addressing the consequences of  reproduction oppression.”

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