Creole on 14th is a contemporary restaurant in Washington D.C. that creates unique dishes and craft cocktails inspired by the diverse cultures of New Orleans. The restaurant has been popular in the District since it was founded in 2020 by Head Chef Jeffeary “Jeff” Miskiri.

Jeffeary “Jeff” Miskiri, founder and head chef at Creole on 14th

Chef Jeff has over 15 years of hospitality experience. He was raised in Takoma Park, Maryland. At the age of eight, Jeff fell in love with cooking. By 17 years old, Jeff was working at one of the eight McDonald’s that his family-owned in Washington D.C. He worked at his family’s Caribbean restaurant where he received an introduction on how to become a restaurateur. These early hospitality experiences with family greatly contributed to his love for cooking and drive for entrepreneurship. 

In college, he wrote his first business plan for a Caribbean and Southern cuisine restaurant, which won him first place in a small business competition along with a $10,000 grant. Chef Jeff then moved to Crescent City and, after a two-year stay in New Orleans, Los Angeles with his great grandfather, he became well-versed in the heritage, culture and style of Louisiana’s Creole and Cajun cuisine. He committed to launching a restaurant in Washington, D.C. to honor his family’s roots in New Orleans, which became Creole on 14th. 

Now, Jeff owns and operates several restaurants throughout the District. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Miskiri Hospitality Group, a unique collective of Black, family and woman-owned products and restaurants in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Its portfolio of restaurants includes Po Boy Jim Bar & Grill, and Suga & Spice. Miskiri is also working on adding Miss Toya’s Creole House, Miss Toya’s Soul Juice, and Miss Toya’s Southern Cajun Kitchen to its portfolio in 2022. 


On their website, Creole on 14th describes itself as “located in the bustling 14th Street Corridor, known for its exceptional streetscape, endless allure and ceaseless excitement — our restaurant is where elegance and Southern charm meets D.C. Our innovative dishes, craft cocktails and attentive service are sure to create an experience you will remember.”

Some of their menu items include crab claws with fresh lemon garlic butter herb sauce, chargrilled oysters topped with cheesy green spinach and served with garlic toast, and sweet Creole bread pudding for dessert. 

Creole on 14th is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. You can learn more about the restaurant and their menu through their website.

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