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Joshua Andrei Bon

See The Once Hidden Massive Black Last Supper Sculpture 

The Studio Acting Conservatory in Washington, D.C. just announced a week of daily viewings for the public to experience the Black Last Supper sculpture.

Sorbet With Fall’s In-Season Fruits 

What better way to enjoy this fall season’s fruit harvest than with a simple sorbet recipe that’ll highlight their freshness.

Apple Cider Drinks To Get You Into the Fall Season Vibe

While pumpkin spice is pop culture’s fall flavor, apple cider is the all-time favorite beverage of the season. Try out these recipes.

DC Pilot Program Addresses the ‘Benefits Cliff’

To eliminate the “benefits cliff”, Career MAP offers support for up to five years after families exceed the technical thresholds of poverty.

Black Wealth Summit Oct 27-29 At University of Maryland

During The Black Wealth Summit the Oct. 27 to 29, get sound advice on how to manage and build your wealth.

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