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Darralynn Hutson

Aunt Clara’s Pink Bunny Pajamas Cocktail

We will be making a cocktail that will reminds us of one of our crazy aunties during the new year festivities; this cocktail is entitled Aunt Clara's Pink Bunny Pajamas Cocktail.

69 Sex Conversation Starters For Black Couples

Whether you are with someone new or in a relationship, it's always a good sign of a healthy exchange when you talk seriously and honestly about sex.

10 Important Things To Consider Before Flying This Holiday Season

BLAC has compiled a short list of ten very important things to consider before flying anywhere.

Twelve Black-Owned Wine & Champagne Brands To Gift This Holiday

We heard through the grapevine that you should grab a bottle of one or more of these Black-owned wines.

Diddy Acquires Multi-State Cannabis Brands To Create Nation’s Largest Black-Owned Cannabis Company

Diddy himself posted in his Instagram page saying that his mission has always been to empower Black entrepreneurs.

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