P0stb1nary describes itself as a collective of six like-minded musicians and producers in search of community.

“We played shows to help pay each other’s rent and buy groceries. We hosted sober space events to create accessible alternatives to the dominant, drug centered club culture. And overtime, the task at hand became clearer and clearer,” the group wrote on their Instagram account.

P0stb1nary is a D.C.-based organization that embraces a “countercultural ecosystem.” They also serve as event curators and as a music platform that works to uplift Black trans, non-binary and intersex cultural workers. 

“D.C.’s capital driven music and arts industry was and continues to be unsustainable. We have since shifted gears to continue the work of mobilizing resources for the creation and sustenance of countercultural arts ecosystems,” one of the group’ posts read.

P0stb1nary has been supporting gender-expansive people since 2019. In their three years of service, P0stb1inary has awarded $20,000 in micro-grants to Black, nonbinary, trans and intersex people in the DMV area, including Richmond and Virginia, through the Chrysalis Fund. They also offer free programming series where anyone from all skill levels can tune in to learn more about production, mixing and DJ-ing. Additionally, P0stb1nary offers a running list of mutual aid resources for Black trans and non-binary people in the United States and Nigeria


During the pandemic, P0stb1nary had to temporarily slow their operations. However, they relaunched their initiatives in 2021, including supporting several concerts and hosting the “June Instrument Drive” as a way to provide music equipment and gear for their network.

P0stb1nary’s inspiring work is made possible by donations, and you can extend your help here

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