Her mind works fast. After being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD), Skye Melena found that working with different materials helps her mind to remain focused and energized.

She is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Maryland. Her creative pursuits are ever-changing and evolving, but she is currently focused on fashion design, artist management, and visual art including collages. 

“I have ADD, and I honestly can’t just do one thing,” she says. “Art keeps me well rounded and makes me think of things from a different view.”

“Beat of Love” collage by Skye Melena.

When others view her work, Skye Melena hopes that they will leave with a more open mind, and a new appreciation for all things whimsical.

“I feel like my work shows Black people in whimsical new ways,” she said. “People can think of Black people in only one or two sort of ways, but I want to challenge that. I hope that people can see my work, resonate and build on it.”


She is a sort of world-builder who uses different creative media to visualize the space and feelings she imagines. When working with various materials, Melena says that artists must embrace patience as they are attempting to master new crafts.

“My favorite part of being an artist is the flexibility it gives me, and the ability to really create whole new worlds. My advice to young artist’s is to put yourself out there, be patient, and take time to really work on a piece or project,” she said. 

In November 2021, She released a line of “angel hats” to great reception from her audience. She is now working on a new summer collection that will include hats and other clothing. In addition to her fashion work, she is currently focused on getting into more large-scale collage work. 

You can learn more about Skye Melena by checking out her website and Instagram

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