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Orijin Culture is a luxury brand that celebrates African culture and heritage while providing modern, stylish accessories. The brand was founded by Archyn Orijin, a London-born, Philadelphia-based Ghanaian designer who sought to create high-quality, functional, and beautiful accessories that embody African culture.

Archyn vision for Orijin Culture was born out of a desire to showcase the beauty of African art and design to a global audience. With a focus on sustainability and ethical practices, Archyn ensures that the materials used in each piece are locally sourced, and the manufacturing process is done with the utmost care and precision.



Orijin Culture, best known for inventing the Africa-shaped bags, presents their signature Africa Bag / Backpack. It has unique, versatile design that is instantly recognizable. Each bags is crafted with 100% cowhide, detailed with a vintage Orijin Culture brass logo and comes in a wide variety of colors from black to bold red.

The bags retail between $249 and $499 USD.


The bag exudes a classic aesthetic of originality while offering the functionality of converting from a purse to a backpack with a single strap. The medium-sized bag measures 13.5″(H) x 12″(W) x 2″(D) and features adjustable straps with buckles, an inbuilt wallet for money and cards, a front zipper pocket, and inner compartments lined with suede.

It’s the perfect everyday essential bag for carrying items such as wallets, makeup bags, coin purses, iPad minis, EarPods, sunglass cases, travel documents, notebooks, journals, novels, chapsticks, notepads, phones, passports, keys, 16oz bottles, perfume, cologne, lotions, and headphones.

The Africa Bag / Backpack is not only a fashionable accessory but also a conversation starter. Be prepared for compliments and engaging interactions, as this bag attracts positive energy wherever you go.

The vision for the Africa bag came to Orijin Culture’s founder in a dream, where a woman wearing Africa on her back walked boldly through a crowd that parted in respectful admiration as she passed through. This led to a four-year journey to design a never-before-seen concept of an Africa map bag, which is now widely recognized as their classic signature bag. Essence Magazine has even dubbed Orijin Culture as “the Black-owned Label reshaping the luxury bag.” The journey of creating this iconic bag has been filled with sacrifices, learnings, and personal growth, ultimately showcasing not only African-inspired fashion but also reshaping the minds and narratives around Africa.

Orijin Culture’s accessories range from handbags, backpacks, clutches, and jewelry, each piece featuring bold patterns and details that showcase the vibrancy of African culture. The brand’s fusion of African and Western aesthetics results in unique and contemporary styles that appeal to a wide audience.

Abiola’s journey towards creating Orijin Culture was not without challenges. In a recent interview with Authority Magazine, Abiola shared that the hardest part of building the brand was learning how to balance his creative vision with the realities of running a business. Nevertheless, his perseverance paid off, and the result is a brand that is celebrated for its beauty, quality, and social impact.

Orijin Culture is a luxury brand that celebrates African culture and heritage while providing contemporary and stylish accessories. With a focus on sustainability, ethical practices, and social impact, Orijin Culture is more than just a fashion brand; it is a movement that seeks to create positive change in the world. Archyn Orijin vision has not only resulted in beautiful accessories but also a legacy that celebrates the richness of African culture.

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