D.C. musician, Odd Mojo is known for her 1970s meets Afro-futuristic style and eclectic sounds. Odd Mojo is popular across genres, from rap to punk, in performing spaces in D.C, Maryland and Virginia. In addition to creating music, Odd Mojo is a unique and vibrant stylist who styles herself for most of her own shoots, as well as often styling shoots for other DMV creatives. 

One of her latest singles, “555,” speaks to the importance of accepting opportunities for positive growth and trusting your own instincts. Her music in general centers around expressing the intricacies of Black identity, and uplifting Black voices. Odd Mojo is set to headline the One Very Odd Show on December 27, 2021 alongside DMV artists Baby Kahlo, Winzday Love, and Beau Young Prince. 

You can listen to Odd Mojo latest album here:

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