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Since 1999, BLAC® has been devoted to telling the stories of the people, places, issues and events that matter most to the black community.

BLAC provides its advertisers with a total omni-media presence. The combination of print, digital and social media assures advertisers that BLAC will reach a broader demographic of readers in formats that fit their media consumption habits.

We are excited about the future of BLAC and remain committed to bringing the stories of life, arts, and culture to the black community. BLAC is inclusive of all of our voices, striving to have engaging, informative, sometimes difficult and sometimes transformative conversations that are the catalyst for change. Like family, we may not always be on the same page, but we are willing to come to the table for a healthy dialogue. My hope is that you are willing to do the same.

So, let’s start talking.

Billy J. Strawter, Jr

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