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Is Investing in Black Art Still A Sound Money Move?

Art collecting isn’t something you want to jump into. Do your research, take your time and immerse yourself in Detroiti's art culture.

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Pop Art: New Black Books, TV and Movies

BLAC Pop Art is your guide to new and upcoming pop culture must-sees in Black TV, film and music.

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The Rise and Impact of Black-Owned Luxury Brands

Trailblazing Black-owned luxury brands making waves in the fashion industry, pushing boundaries, and driving change.
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See The Once Hidden Massive Black Last Supper Sculpture 

The Studio Acting Conservatory in Washington, D.C. just announced a week of daily viewings for the public to experience the Black Last Supper sculpture.

Are Black Families Ready For “Gentle Parenting?”

With the generational trauma being largely recognized in Black communities, conversation about a form of parenting called "gentle parenting" is starting to take place...

Black After-School Tech Programs in DC

Check out these tech and STEM agencies on the frontlines of teaching Black children how to code, program and build websites.

Tips for a Successful In-Person School Year

In-person school in a post-pandemic world will be challenging, but parents can support their child's learning.

From Time Management to Energy Management: Beating Mom Burnout

Motherly’s 2021 State of Motherhood Survey found that 93% of mothers reported feeling burned out last year. While self-care is important, bestselling author of...

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Diddy Acquires Multi-State Cannabis Brands To Create Nation’s Largest Black-Owned Cannabis Company

Diddy himself posted in his Instagram page saying that his mission has always been to empower Black entrepreneurs.

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