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Rihanna is America’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

Rihanna amassed $1.4 billion in net worth from her successful music career, many endorsement deals, and entereprenurial ventures.

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What Does the Monkeypox Outbreak Look Like for DC?

Here’s everything you need to know about how the monkeypox viral infection is spreading in D.C. and how to get vaccinated.
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From Time Management to Energy Management: Beating Mom Burnout

Motherly’s 2021 State of Motherhood Survey found that 93% of mothers reported feeling burned out last year. While self-care is important, bestselling author of...

When You Can’t Look Away: Coping With Violence in the News

Violence against the Black community has disproportionately plagued news cycles and television screens for decades. Year after year, the number of Black Americans dying...

Detroit Stories Quarterly: Little Sister Rises Up

Written by Keith Owens, co-founder of Detroit Stories Quarterly You’re not supposed to go out on the Riverwalk at night which, of course, is why we...

Say What? Speaking Your Heart and Mind in a Cancel-culture Society

For women, the fear of being “canceled” for simply speaking up is nothing new. Apprehension in personal and professional encounters for fear of retaliation...

Get a Candid Look Into Faith, Family and Addiction in “CIGARETTE”

Singer and rapper Theory Martin X sets to premier his long-anticipated “CIGARETTE” on March 21, 2022. The music video chronicles Theory’s journey through grief,...

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Farmers Compete for Cannabis License Worth $50M 

Twelve Black farmers are competing in Florida for a single medical cannabis license that is a guaranteed game-changer. The license could potentially be worth $50 million.

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